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podcast Interviews

Video Lectures and Podcast

These video lectures and podcast interviews featuring noted authors and experts in the field of cultural heritage preservation are produced by members and friends of SAFE.

  • Roger Atwood on Stealing History

In this 48-minute interview,Cindy Ho, speaks to author Roger Atwood about the writing of Stealing History. He discusses the global problem of antiquities looting and destruction of ancient sites, the role of museums in stemming the illicit antiquities trade. Mr. Atwood provides inside glimpse into the research and writing of his award-winning book. and also offers advice for journalists and writers who hope to publish in this increasingly popular field of study. (11.14.06)

  • Patty Gerstenblith on Legal issues

In this 23-minute interview, Professor Gerstenblith speaks to Emily Jateff and offers a concise overview of cultural heritage from a legal perspective. A leading authority on this highly relevant topic, Professor Gerstenblith gives a summary of international and national laws, as well as recent cases. She also discusses the practice of cultural property law, advises aspiring law students interested in pursuing the field, and describes the work of The Lawyers' Committee for Cultural Heritage Preservation. (9.14.06)

  • Peter Watson on The Medici Conspiracy

In this one-hour video lecture, Peter Watson, co-author of The Medici Conspiracy describes how investigations of the illicit antiquties trade led to the trial of antiquities dealers Giacomo Medici and Robert Hecht, and former Getty Museum curator Marion True. In a wide-ranging discussion, Mr. Watson traces the story from the late 1980s to the present (including details never before heard outside the courtroom in Rome) and concludes with a spirited round of questions from the audience. Those who did not attend this live SAFE event can now view the lecture in its entirety. (11.16.06)

  • Donny George Youkhanna on Iraq

The former Chairman of the State Board of Antiquities and Heritage (SBAH) in Iraq speaks to Cindy Ho in this 38-minute interview. Dr. George discusses the circumstances surrounding his decision to leave Baghdad for the United States, where he currently serves as visiting professor at New York's Stony Brook University. The interview focuses on the continued looting of ancient sites in Iraq, the situation at the Iraq Museum, the recent recovery of the statue of Entemena, the disputed status of more than 1,000 Sumerian cunieforms now at Cornell University. Dr. George concludes with recommendations for safeguarding Iraq's ancient sites and his near-term plans. (12.12.06)