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Singapore's Inaugural International Biennale of Contemporary Art ....

Participating Artists

The Singapore Biennale 2006 (SB2006), Singapore's inaugural international biennale of contemporary art, will open to the public on 4 September 2006. This major international contemporary art exhibition will feature 95 artists and artist collectives from over 38 countries and regions including Singapore. It will be the first significant cultural event to bring contemporary visual art practices into the daily lives of Singaporeans.

BELIEF takes many forms, and the selection of artists and art works, which will include: architecture, biotechnology, drawing, installation, new media, painting, performance, photography, sculpture, sound projects and video, will reflect this. Many of the art works will be specially commissioned new works. Some of the more internationally recognised artists participating in SB2006 include Shahidul Alam (Drik Picture Library), Shigeru Ban, Amanda Heng, Jenny Holzer, Eduardo Kac, Mariko Mori, Carsten Nicolai, Jaume Plensa and Agus Suwage ...

In addition to the core team of curators, more than 35 networking curators from all over the world have also been invited to contribute information on artists. These networking curators were selected based on their expertise in specific geographical regions as well as in specific mediums.

Advice museo-on:  Detailed information about the networking curators you can find under "The Curatorial Team".



In our "News" ("Aktuelles") you can find detailed information about each of the 95 participating artists from over 38 countries and regions including Singapore.

All artists are labled with the logo above.

About the Artists


Artist Name - Born - Genter - Gennre - Place of Birth - Lives & Works- New Work


Ebtisam Abdul Aziz 1975 V New Media United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates YES

Bani Abidi 1971 F Video Pakistan Pakistan YES

Aida Makoto 1965 M Video / Installation Japan Japan NO

Vyacheslav Akhunov 1948 M Video / Installation Uzbekistan Uzbekistan NO

Jane Alexander 1959 F Sculpture South Africa South Africa YES

Brooke Alfaro 1949 M Video Panama Panama NO

Jonathan Allen 1966 M Photography / Performance UK UK YES

Eugenio Ampudia 1968 M New Media / Installation Spain Spain NO

Nuha Asad 1983 F Video / Performance United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates YES

Agathe de Bailliencourt 1974 F Wall Painting France Singapore YES

Alwar Balasubramaniam 1971 M Sculpture India India YES

Shigeru Ban 1957 M Architecture Japan Japan YES

Yason Banal 1972 M Installation Philippines Philipines & UK YES


  • Bigert & Bergström:

Lars Bergström 1962 M Video Sweden Sweden NO

Mats Bigert 1965 M Video Sweden Sweden NO


Johanna Billing 1973 F Video Sweden Sweden YES

Scott Bowe 1976 M Video USA USA NO

Luchezar Boyadjiev 1957 M Performance Bulgaria Bulgaria YES

Philip Brophy 1959 M Installation Australia Australia NO

Sheba Chhacchi 1958 F Photography / Video / Installation India India YES

George Chua 1973 M Sound / Performance Singapore Singapore YES

Alwyn Lim 1975 M Sound / Singapore Singapore YES

Yuen Chee Wai 1975 M Sound / Performance Singapore Singapore YES


  • Com & Com:

Johannes M. Hedinger 1971 M Performance / Switzerland Switzerland

Marcus Gossolt 1969 M Performance / Video Switzerland Switzerland YES


Santiago Cucullu 1969 M Drawing / Painting / Installation Argentina USA YES

Muratbek Djumaliev 1965 F Video Kyrgzstan Kyrgzstan NO

Gulnara Kasmalieva 1960 M Video Kyrgzstan Kyrgzstan NO

Drik Picture Library Ltd - Formed in 1989 Photography Bangladesh Bangladesh YES

Simryn Gill 1959 F Photography / Installation Singapore Malaysia &Australia YES

Hossein Golba 1956 M Installation Iran Japan & Italy NO

Khaled Hafez 1963 M New Media Egypt Egypt NO

Usman Haque 1971 MNew Media / Installation USA UK YES

Takafumi Hara 1968 M Installation Japan Japan YES

N.S. Harsha 1969 M Drawing / Painting India India YES

Amanda Heng 1951 F Multi-disciplinary Singapore Singapore YES

Federico Herrero 1978 M Wall Drawing / Installation Costa Rica Costa Rica YES

Ho Tzu Nyen 1976 M Video / Film / Installation Singapore Singapore YES

Jenny Holzer 1950 F Media Installation USA USA YES


  • Through Popular Expression Project *

Hu Fang (Curator) 1970 M Video Installation China China NO

Zhang Wei (Curator) 1973 F Video Installation China China NO

*Through Popular ExpressionArtists: Cao Fei (b. 1978, Guangzhou, China); Jun Yang (b. 1975, China); MAP Office (since 2000); Xu Tan (b. 1957, Wuhan, China); Xu Zhen (b. 1977, Shanghai, China); Zhang Yuan (b. 1963, Jiangsu, China); Zheng Guogu (b. 1970, Guangdong, China)


IEPE 1974 M Installation Netherlands Germany YES

Uchechukwu James Iroha 1972 M Photography Nigeria Nigeria NO

Jeon Joonho 1969 M New Media South Korea South Korea YES

Jin Shan 1977 M Interactive Installation China China YES

Charles Juhasz- Alvarado 1965 M Installation Philippines Puerta Rico YES

Eduardo Kac 1962 M Biotechnology Brazil USA YES

Otto Karvonen 1975 M Performance /Installation Finland Finland YES

Amal el Kenawy 1974 F Video Egypt Egypt NO

Shin Il Kim 1971 M New Media / Installation South Korea South Korea NO

Barbara Kruger 1945 F Media Installation USA USA YES

Kuo I-Chen 1979 M Installation Taiwan Taiwan YES

Vladimir Kuprianov 1954 M Installation Russia Russia YES

Takashi Kuribayashi 1968 M Installation Japan Japan YES

Yayoi Kusama 1929 F Installation Japan Japan YES


  • Learning Site - Formed in 2004:

Cecilia Wendt F Installation USA USA YES

Rikke Luther F Installation Denmark Denmark YES

Julio Castro M Installation Mexico Mexico YES


Jose Legaspi 1959 M Painting Philippines Philippines YES

Lim Tzay Chuen 1972 M Installation Singapore Singapore YES

Liu Jianhua 1962 M Installation China China NO

Cristina Lucas 1973 F Video Spain Spain NO

Jennifer Wen Ma 1973 F Video China New York YES

Daniel Malone 1970 M Performance New Zealand New Zealand YES

Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle 1961 M New Media / Sculpture Spain Spain YES


  • System Design:

Hiroyuki Matsukage 1965 M Installation Japan Japan

Sumihasa Arima 1965 M Installation Japan Japan NO


  • Mogas Station- Formed in 2005:

Hoang Duong Cam M PublishingVietnam Vietnam YES

Gulschan Gothel F Publishing Germany Vietnam YES

Sandrine Llouquet F Publishing France Vietnam YES

Jun Nguyen- Hatsushiba M Publishing Japan Vietnam YES

Bertrand Peret M France Vietnam YES

Rich Streitmatter-Tran M Vietnam Vietnam YES

Tam Vo Phi M Publishing Vietnam Vietnam YES


Mohammad Kazem 1969 M New Media United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates YES

Julio Cesar Morales 1966 M Installation Mexico Mexico YES

Mariko Mori 1967 F Installation Japan Japan NO

Muhanned Cader 1966 M Drawing Sri Lanka Sri Lanka YES

Carsten Nicolai 1965 M New Media / Installation Germany Germany NO

Tomás Ochoa 1965 M Video Ecuador Switzerland NO

Donna Ong 1978 F Installation Singapore Singapore YES

Prachaya Phinthong 1974 M Installation Thailand Thailand YES

Thiago Rocha Pitta 1980 M Installation Brazil Brazil YES

Jaume Plensa 1955 M Installation Spain Spain &France YES

Wilfredo Prieto 1978 M Installation Cuba Cuba YES

Ana Prvacki 1976 F Performance / Installation Serbia Singapore YES

Chatchai Puipia 1964 M Painting Thailand Thailand YES

Rizman Putra 1978 M Performance / Installation Singapore Singapore YES

Imran Qureshi 1972 M Drawing / Painting Pakistan Pakistan YES


  • R&Sie(n) + D + L - Collaboration since 1999:

François Roche M Installation France France YES

Stephanie Lavaux F Installation France France YES

Jean Navarro M Installation France France YES

Benoit Durandin M Installation France France YES


Younès Rahmoun 1975 M Installation Morocco Morocco YES

Rashid Rana 1968 M Painting / New Media Pakistan Pakistan YES

Gustavo Romano 1958 M New Media Argentina Argentina NO

Roy Samaha 1978 M Video / Film Lebanon Lebanon NO

Handiwirman Saputra 1975 M Painting Indonesia Indonesia YES

Hiroshi Sugimoto 1948 M Photography / Video Japan USA NO

Ashok Sukumaran 1974 M New Media / Installation Japan India YES

Nakhee Sung 1971 F Wall Drawing / Installation South Korea South Korea YES

Agus Suwage 1959 M Installation Indonesia Indonesia YES

Titarubi 1968 F Installation Indonesia Indonesia YES

Brian Gothong Tan 1980 M New Media Singapore Singapore YES

Erika Tan 1967 F Installation Singapore UK YES

Tang Maohong 1975 M Installation China Shanghai YES

Ana Maria Tavares 1958 F Installation Brazil Brazil YES

Tsai Charwei 1980 F Installation Taiwan New York YES

Mark Wallinger 1959 M Video / Installation UK UK YES

Jason Wee 1978 M Installation Singapore Singapore YES

Jagath Weerasinghe 1954 M Painting / Installation Sri Lanka Sri Lanka NO

Xu Bing 1955 M Installation China USA YES

Yee I-Lann 1971 F Photography Malaysia Malaysia NO


  • YKON - Formed in 2003:

Tellervo Kalleinen F Installation Finland Finland YES

Oliver Kochta- Kalleinen M Installation Germany Finland YES

Sasha Huber M Installation Switzerland Finland YES

Petri Saarikko M Installation Finland Finland YES


20 July 2006

Singapore Biennale 2006
Courtesy of National Arts Council, Singapore
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