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Etcétera (Buenos Aires)

Etcétera is a group of cultural producers who, since 1998, have intervened in public and institutional spaces with actions, protests and manifestos. Etcétera's performative practice emerged with their engagement with H.I.J.O.S. - the Argentinian activist group composed of the children of the "disappeared" - and their participation in "escrache" actions. Etcétera is currently participating in La Internacional Errorista, a militant movement that advocates error as a philosophy.

Grupo Alavío (Buenos Aires)

Grupo Alavío (Militant media collective, Argentina) is a direct action and video collective working in Argentina. Since the early 1990's the group has been producing audiovisual material as a tool to create a new working class subjectivity. As a video collective they become available to the demands of organizations in struggle and often times the videos take on a life of their own. The factory occupied by workers, the changing room of transport, a wildcat strike, a land squat or a barrio are often the first place where they premier their documentaries. Alavío uses the camera as a political organ and as a tool, which the protagonists in the films appropriate and use to organize.


ViVe (Caracas)

 ViVe (Television channel, Venezuela),  which stands for Visión Venezuela, is an educational, cultural and informational public television station that encourages participative and protagonistic democracy and Latin American integration. Broadcasting in harmony with the political, social and economic model established in the constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, ViVe's programming is produced for (and by) the subjects and the actors who are exercising their emancipatory freedom to create and produce. In ViVe the protagonists are the communities, el Pueblo, the millions of Venezuelans and Latin Americans that are invisible to empire and its forms of cultural dominance.

Latin America Section: Buenos Aires - El Alto/La Paz - Caracas

This section follows a counter-hegemonic logic at odds with the governing logic of biennales. In a conference in Caracas, activists, organizers, and militant media collectives from Argentina, Bolivia, and Venezuela will meet to discuss the relation between US imperialism and war. This relation will be articulated in four thematic categories: (1) the Fourth World War: the creation of "surplus populations"; (2) imperial war: the business of war and war as a business; (3) the criminalization of protest: the so-called "war against terrorism"; (4) the People's war: an asymmetrical struggle against imperialism. As a result of the planning and collective work done during this meeting, documents and other material will enter into an installation, occupying the
biennale's spaces, that aims to be a locally relevant tool for reflection and action on this issue. The installation will be a collective project of Grupo Alavio (Buenos Aires), Aporrea (Caracas), Aru (El Alto), Etcetera (Buenos Aires), Indymedia Bolivia (La Paz), Myoung Joon Kim (Seoul), ViVe (Caracas) and organizers Chris Gilbert and Cira Pascual Marquina. / Asamblea Popular Revolucionaria (APR) (Caracas) (Venezuela) emerged to counter the 2001 coup against elected Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez and the corporate media's misrepresentation of the event. First an assembly of Bolivarians working to build a space for popular/revolutionary communication by and for the people and in support of democracy and the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, the APR has since become an important voice for the social movements - an online news portal that documents the process of change that Venezuela is currently undergoing, a site that is developed collectively by thousands of voices from around the world.

Aru (El Alto)

(Militant video collective, Bolivia) is an indianist video collective that aligns itself with the social movements and has documented La Guerra del Agua (The Water War) and the struggles of El Alto residents. Aru is the Aymara term for "word," making thus reference to the collective's role as a voice for the people.

CMI – Indymedia Bolivia / Qollasuyu Ivi Iyambae Bolivia (La Paz)

Indymedia Bolivia (Bolivia) es la voz de los sin voz (the voice of those without voice), a network of individuals and collectives that emerges from the need to open mediatic spaces for representation of the people's struggles. Indymedia Bolivia continues on the legacy of radical communitary media - the voice of miners and campesinos - building a communication network for Quechuas, Aymaras, Guaranis, and brothers and sisters everywhere.

Myoung Joon Kim (Seoul)

Born in Korea Kim, Myoung Joon (Media activist, Korea), has been active in the labor media activism, implementation and legislation of public access TV, advocacy on issues such as the independent film and video, documentary, internet, etc. He is now working in the field of research, training and advocacy as a president of local media center MediACT ( and a member of independent labor video activist organization Labor News Production (

Source: Foundation Gwangju Biennale