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The Third Sector_Citizen Program: 1.4 Million Torches


The Third Sector_Citizen Program : 1.4 Million Torches is designed to connect the Biennale with the citizens of Gwangju and the general public. This program accentuates the site-specificity of Gwangju while conceptually and practically linking The First Chapter and The Last Chapter through the words "Root" and "Route" as a conceptual device to trace Asian traditions and aesthetics and to seek a new identity. This program is composed of diverse events including 'Open Biennale (festivals)' and 'Art Orchestra (Open Call Exhibition).'


Ann Yee Young-ro (Open Biennale) Chief Organizer, Given Zone QX, The Trend House

Rhee Cheong-yong (Art Orchestra) Professor at Honam University, Gwangju

Collaborating Programmer

Jeon Go-pil Committee Member of Buk-gu Cultural House, Gwangju