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Artists IV

Hammons, David (USA)

Hong, Lei (China)

Joo, Michael (Korea/USA)

Kallat, Jitish (India)

Conditions Apply - Kallat, Jitish

'Conditions Apply' is a seven part work wherein a life-sized image of a roti (the staple Indian meal) is seen shrinking with every passing frame. The viewer who at first will access the image as that of a waning moon will slowly see the image transmogrify into that of an eaten up roti.

The moon, as seen in numerous cinematic moments, symbolizes hope; here disturbed by the unsettling image of a diminishing meal. With 'Conditions Apply' I was hoping to morph the twin metaphors of deprivation and hope which form the leitmotif of contemporary Indian life.

Kamisato, Akio/ Mashimo, Takehisa/ Shibata, Satoshi (Japan)