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About the Author

Rafis Abazov

is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the Harriman lnstitute/School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University, New York. Rafis Abazov's area of expertise is in the field of modern Central Asian and Russian/Soviet politics and history. His research and teaching interests include public policy and governance, the history of cultural development and population movement in the Russian Empire and Soviet Union with a focus on Central Asia, and comparative historv of Central Asia and the Middle East. He was awarded the NATO research fellowship for research on foreign policy formation in Central Asia; the Institute of Advanced Studies of the United Nations University research fellowship and a British Academy visiting fellowship.

Rafis Abazov has written five books and a number of other publica­tions on economic and political development in Eurasia. His most recent books include Historical Dictionary of Kyrgyzstan (Scarecrow Press, 2004), Historical Dictionary of Turkmenistan (Scarecrow Press, 2005), The Cunture and Customs of the Central Asian Republics (Greenwood Press, 2007) and The Culture and Customs of Turkey (Greenwood Press, 2008). His research articles were published in various academic journals including Eurasian Studies, The Central Asian Survey, Nationalities Papers, Post-Communist Economies and some others. He has also contributed articles to the Encyclopaedia of Modern Asia (2003), the Encyclopaedia of Nationalism (2001), the Encyclopaedia of National Economies (2002) and some others.


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