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Refuge and Resilience

Promoting Resilience and Mental Health among Resettled Refugees and Forced Migrants

About this book

Taking an interdisciplinary approach and focusing on the social and psychological resources that promote resilience among forced migrants, this book presents theory and evidence about what keeps refugees healthy during resettlement. The book draws on contributions from cultural psychiatry, anthropology, ethics, nursing, psychiatric epidemiology, sociology and social work.

Concern about immigrant mental health and social integration in resettlement countries has given rise to public debates that challenge scientists and policy makers to assemble facts and solutions to perceived problems. Since the 1980s, refugee mental health research has been productive but arguably overly-focused on mental disorders and problems rather than solutions. Social science perspectives are not well integrated with medical science and treatment, which is at odds with social reality and underlies inadequacy and fragmentation in policy and service delivery. Research and practice that contribute to positive refugee mental health from Canada and the U.S. show that refugee mental health promotion must take into account social and policy contexts of immigration and health care in addition to medical issues. Despite traumatic experiences, most refugees are not mentally ill in a clinical sense and those who do need medical attention often do not receive appropriate care. As recent studies show, social and cultural determinants of health may play a larger role in refugee health and adaptation outcomes than do biological factors or pre-migration experiences. This book’s goal therefore is to broaden the refugee mental health field with social and cultural perspectives on resilience and mental health.

From the book reviews

 From the book reviews:

“This volume provides strong coverage of many dimensions of resilient trajectories and outcomes in diverse refugee populations and settings. … Refuge and Resilience provides an excellent and fairly comprehensive examination of its topic. … Refuge and Resilience succeeds on many levels and is a must read for all who work with refugees or seek to make or implement policies that promote rather than impede the resilience and well-being of refugees, forced migrants, and the broader societies where they live.” (S. Megan Berthold, PsycCRITIQUES, Vol. 59 (49), December, 2014)

 An innovative focus on resilience

  • Focuses on solutions in mental health care

  • Presents evidence using a range of research methods

  • Timely and relevant to international and national immigration and health policy

  • Useful in teaching students and practitioners but not only for academic audiences

Refuge and Resilience
Simich, Laura,  Andermann, Lisa (Eds.)
An innovative focus on resilience