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Impressions I: Participating Artists and Their Works

Alessandra Tesi (Italy)

Rose of Shanghai by Alessandra Tesi

"Rose of Shanghai" 2006, 7 video floor projections onto colored sequins, variable dimensions, project and sketches for the 2006 Shanhai Biennale of Contemporary Art

Courtesy: Alessandra Tesi

« Rose of Shanghai » is a 7-video floor projection onto colored sequins, like flower petals fallen to earth. The idea is to flatten the vertical architecture of  Shanghai, like a pack of cards thrown down on the floor. (A. Tesi)

With this statement, the artist summarizes her view of the city and makes it seem rather simple, even casual - a visual manipulation that allows images of skyscrapers to slip to earth, as if they were petals of a flower born on a nymphaeum. And the technological devices she uses to film and exhibit this create a truly liquid mirror that can reflect the light and images of buildings, collected in Shanghai just as one might pick and trim a daisy. On the ground, awaiting the falling of the luminous cone of the projectors, the calibrated colors of the sequins further "inflame" the light and invest it with matter, in accordance with the artist's characteristic mode of constructing light-paintings that distance themselves from video and holography. For Alessandra Tesi's works seem to express themselves concretely, present themselves, alive and autonomous, becoming one with their support. Indeed, the works are generated by the support, not simply projected, not films "cast" onto screens. Instead, these are compositions, a sort of invention of a "technological fresco."(G.M.)

Translated from Italian by Marguerite Shore