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Impressions II: Participating Artists and Their Works

Matthew Barney (USA)

Drawing Restaurant by Matthew Barney

Drawing Restraint 9, 2005, film, Production Photograph

©2005 Matthew Barney; Photo: Chris Winget

Courtesy: Gladstone Gallery, New York


Born in 1967 in California, Matthew Barney lives and works in New York. As one of the most celebrated contemporary artist, Barney works with performance, film, video, installations, sculpture, and photography in an extremely experimental manner. His early works such as Drawing Restraint, and his more recent project, the Cremaster Cycle demonstrate his intense interest in exploring the creative potentiality of art. 

Barney's projects often approach the human body as a dynamic, metaphoric matrix, where the interplay of self and self-imposed constraint, willpower and physical constraints, is able to generate a drama about the development from the undifferentiated state to the differentiated. Barney's project, The Cremaster Cycle, consists of densely layered networks of meaning drawn from psychoanalysis, mythology, and biology. Clearly, it can be viewed as a design project with a strong sculptural component recurring throughout the work. The Cremaster Cycle with its powerful images and esoteric meaning provides immediate aesthetic rewards.

Barney's unrivalled virtuosity of fusing all the possible forms and media has elevated his art to a new level of perfection.

(Xiao Xiaolan)