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Afghanistan: Hidden Treasures

Visit a landlocked country of rugged mountains and rich natural resources. Meet the many peoples within Afghanistan's tribal societal structure. Learn of Afghanistan's long history of invasion, resistance, and civil war. Discover why Persian and Pashto prevail in this multilingual land. Find out why this troubled land has been called the "Chessboard of History."

  • 304 pages
  • 300 color photographs
  • Softcover
  • 10'' x 10''
  • © 2008

Published by National Geographic Books, the fully illustrated, 304-page catalogue is edited by Fredrik Hiebert, exhibition curator and National Geographic Archaeology Fellow, and Pierre Cambon, scientific researcher, Laboratoire d’archéologie, ENS Ulm-CNRS, Paris.

Available in late May 2008 from the Gallery Shops for $30 (softcover): to order, call (800) 697-9350 or(202) 842-6002; fax (202) 789-3047; or e-mail


The catalog is edited by exhibition curator Fredrik T. Hiebert, an archaeologist and National Geographic Society Fellow, and Pierre Cambon, chief curator of the Heritage of the Afghan/Pakistan Section of the Guimet Museum of Asiatic Arts in Paris, France. Afghan President Hamid Karzai has written the introduction. Along with more than 300 photographs of the exhibition’s priceless treasures of art, the catalog describes and explains the objects, the cultural exchange along the Silk Road and the recovery of these treasures in 2004.


National Gallery of Art, Washington