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Jüdische Museen und Gedenkstätten in Dänemark


Dansk Jødisk Museum

Dansk Center for Holocaust og Folkedrabsstudier

Danish Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies

Judaistisk Samling, Det Kongelige Bibliotek

The Judaica Collection

Author: Eva-Maria Jansson

The Judaica Collection in the National Library consists mainly of manuscripts and printed materials in Hebrew and Yiddish, and to a lesser extent of materials in Ladino, Judaeo-Arabic and other Jewish languages. The collection covers primarily religion, history, culture and languages in their broadest sense. In addition, the collection also includes a smaller collection of pre-1950 publications  (books and periodicals) in Western languages. All the collections are kept in closed stacks and pre-1950 publications can only be ordered for reading room use. Publications in Danish and the remaining post-1950 publications in Western languages belong in other collections within the library.