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Alessandra Bonaventura - CONTRASTO

Via degli Scialoia, 3
00196 00196 Rome

Kontakt: Alessandra Bonaventura
Tel.: +39 06 328281
Fax: +39 06 32828240

"Alessandra Bonaventura was born in Rome in 1976. After graduating high school, she moved to Venice for university in Classical Studies where she attended courses and seminars of the history and technique of photography taught by Italo Zannier.
In 1998 she returned to Rome and perfected her photographic training at the Metastudio of Giovanni Canitano, where she took an interest in portraiture and advertising photography.
Simultaneously, she directed her photographic research towards the underground realm of theater productions, where she was able to collaborate with numerous Italian and foreign theater companies, one in particular was with producer Naira Gonzalez of the Odin Theater. She worked with several Milanese art galleries, such as Seti-arte on the publication of a catalogue of Inuit art for an anthropology exhibition at the Pigorni Ethnographic Museum in Rome.
In the past months, she worked on a reportage of illegal rave parties and young Italian and foreign gangs, which aired on the Italian station RAI during their series "Night and Culture."
She is presently working on a project about Italian television, which takes her back to original interests in portraiture and stage design. She entered Contrasto in 2000."


"Contrasto is a unique enterprise in the field of photography. Contrasto was born in the 80's to be a point of reference for quality photojournalism.

The agency's photographers, in addition to its close contact with the information and culture worlds, allows Contrasto to be a leader in the field of author photography.

Its vast range of activities (production and distribution of images for journalism, advertising and image consulting, fashion and publishing, archives available online) is guaranteed by the various resources it draws from; Most notably Magnum, the prestigious agency founded by Robert Capa and Henri Cartier-Bresson.

Contrasto is publishing house as well, working to realize photographic books, and exhibits in cooperation with Italy's public and private institutions.

The high level of Contrasto photographers' amounts to a gallery of unique images suitable for collecting purposes as well."

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