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Fotografen - Einzelansicht

Alessandro Tosatto - CONTRASTO

Via degli Scialoia, 3
00196 Rome

Kontakt: Alessandro Tosatto
Tel.: +39 06 328281
Fax: +39 06 32828240

"Born in Piombino Dese (Padua) in 1969, quickly moves to Milan where he studies advertising graphics.
He begins working in 1992 on the city's events with Milanese agencies and the Associated Press. In 1993, he begins travelling in the Balkan countries: first Croatia, then Bosnia, he shoots the siege of Sarajevo then moves to Romania and Macedonia. During 1999, he resides in Albania to keep a close eye to the Kosovo conflict. He travels in Iraq both in times of peace and during the embargo and visits Turkey as well.
After September the 11th 2001 Tosatto travelled throughout Israel and Palestine, where he documented the anniversary of the second Intifada, then in Pakistan, Peshawar, where he waited for the falling of the Taliban regime. He is one of the first western people entering Afghanistan, where he documented the change of the government and relative hopes of civil population. Since 2002 he has focussed his interests on Africa: first with a reportage on the famine in Malawi, then with a portrait of Amina, in Nigeria, condemned by Islamic law; afterwards he works, for Mani Tese, in Benin, against the exploitation and the children trade, realizing a reportage that was exhibited at UNICEF office in Florence. In Mali Tosatto documented the several phases of the rice production in occasion of the International Year of Rice, organized by FAO in 2004. In summer 2003 he realized a reportage on the African press for a project of Regione Piemonte, then exhibited in Turin. In 2004 he published Guinea Bissau, a book that documented a long travel through the little village, tormented by poverty and by a long period of a bad government. In the same year he went to Georgia in order to realize a reportage on the difficult situation of the country; in October he went to Mali in order to document damages caused by grasshoppers.
Alessandro Tosatto follows news and in-depth investigations, in Italy and abroad or wherever events attract his attention.
He is part of Contrasto's staff since 1997."


"Contrasto is a unique enterprise in the field of photography. Contrasto was born in the 80's to be a point of reference for quality photojournalism.

The agency's photographers, in addition to its close contact with the information and culture worlds, allows Contrasto to be a leader in the field of author photography.

Its vast range of activities (production and distribution of images for journalism, advertising and image consulting, fashion and publishing, archives available online) is guaranteed by the various resources it draws from; Most notably Magnum, the prestigious agency founded by Robert Capa and Henri Cartier-Bresson.

Contrasto is publishing house as well, working to realize photographic books, and exhibits in cooperation with Italy's public and private institutions.

The high level of Contrasto photographers' amounts to a gallery of unique images suitable for collecting purposes as well."

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