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About Us

the Museums & Culture Consulting and online archive founded in 2005 and officially recognized by the Ministry of Education, Family, Women and Culture, Saarland in 2007, internationally works with the aim of understanding. Our mission is to convey art and culture with a view to global cooperation in the name of democracy, freedom, human dignity and respect for the rights of all nations. Our journalistic activities focus on dialogue, public discourse, education and media work. We strive for a better understanding between cultures, especially in the awareness of the past and the experiences with National Socialism.

Projects - Exhibitions - Documentaries

Our innovative projects - exhibitions, presentations, documentations and diverse activities - include both historical and contemporary topics. serves as a bridge gathering voices from global readership and bringing them worldwide on a broad range of topics with the aim of fostering international discourse.

We also convey background knowledge, information and current news from the most diverse areas of culture. In a historical context, we are committed to the publication of art and culture of European and international ranks. Compared to the latest media, our strength lies in the awareness of the sustainable impact of our contributions.

Embedded in our journalistic work:

  • we promote dialogue between cultures
  • our commitment is to strengthen democracy, pluralism, freedom and self-determination as well as respect for human dignity
  • we strive for integration, tolerance and respect for the rights of minorities
  • we revitalise public discourse, aware of the shared responsibility of 20th century European history
  • we advocate a better understanding of different religions and worldviews
  • beeing aware of our  historical political responsibility, we reaffirm the rejection of anti-Semitism, racism, discrimination, persecution and intolerance
  • we advocate the  combating  of illegal trade and the  protection of cultural heritage 

Ulrike-Christiane Lintz

Scientific Editorial Department - Consulting - Project Management

 - Studies in  archaeology / prehistory and early history, philosophy, German language and literature studies/ medieval studies and law at the Universität des Saarlandes  and Universität Trier;

- Diploma, Faculty of Humanities, Universiteit Van Amsterdam - PhD candidate at Universiteit Van Amsterdam

- Reporter - Journalist - Press Photographer – Certified Press Federation European Press DVPJ - ID-Number: REG. ID IV.P 19199

Project: The History of the Jews in Herat, Afghanistan

With financial support from the State Department of the United States Government under Barack Obama - obtained through our cooperation partner Ms. Osnat Gad, New York - this project idea startet in 2015. Together with our cooperation partners and project managers in Herat, Afghanistan under the leadership of Mr. Sarajuddin Saraj, engineer and building historian, the cultural project   was successfully realised (see photos and documentation). Moreover, the subsistence of the Afghan workers involved in this cultural project, could be  secured over a longer period.

Michael-Mario Lintz

Communication - Project Management

 - Studies in German language and literature, philosophy, M.A. at Universität des Saarlandes and Jewish studies (self-study)

- Organisation, support and guidance through the exhibition "Jews in Germany" by Nachum Tim Gidal (Beit Hatefusot, Tel Aviv / IL), archiving and maintenance of this exhibition through mediation to the Central Council of Jews in Germany Bonn / Berlin

- Research assistant at the Emil Frank Institute, associated institute of the Faculty of Theology,  Universität  Trier, creation of a biographical-bibliographical database "Jews in the district of Bernkastel-Kues-Wittlich from the 13th to the 20th century"

Michael-Mario Lintz - brother, Communication
Michael-Mario Lintz - brother, Communication
Ulrike-Christiane Lintz - sister, Editorial office
Ulrike-Christiane Lintz - sister, Editorial office